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Schools workshops

We are experienced at running workshops for children and young people exploring all aspects of climate change through drama. We've worked with the Streatham Space Project and the MAST Mayflower Studios in Southampton.

Workshops we can offer

Climate Fairy Tales

Reception to Year 2

Exploring the seasons and how they are portrayed in different fairy tales. We work together to create a new fairy tale to tell to help educate people about the environment.

Climate Heroes

Year 3 to Year 8

Exploring the theme of ‘climate heroes’ and creating your own climate superhero, this is a fun, engaging workshop which weaves in themes of climate change and the efforts to combat it with the characters and tropes children are familiar with. 

Genre and Climate Change

Year 9 to Year 13

Whether that’s an action film about an oil spill, a musical about prehistoric moss, or a ghost story about the fishing industry, this is a fun workshop which encourages participants to learn about an aspect of climate change and turn it into a popular story. 

We can create a bespoke workshop based on a particular area of climate change or theatre.

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